My sexuality was shamed throughout my upbringing, and into young adulthood, growing up with a heteronormative, patriarchal, and religious frame of reference to go off of, there was little room to evolve. This left me feeling uneasy when making sexual decisions, in fear that I would be judged or shamed for stepping outside of the accepted culture. My sexuality found a way to prevail, but I did not have the tools to navigate through the sexual shame that came from these alternative experiences. The isolation in this life created an urgency to find sex positive spaces, and information in the hopes that in the pursuit of knowledge, I would be able to move through my intrusive thoughts and negative emotions. 


In my undergraduate career at Rutgers University I studied human sexuality studies. During my time in school, I found myself burdened by an irresistible lure of curiosity in all things sex, constantly seeking out new worlds of sex positive spaces, and sexual experiences. This is when I was introduced to kink and alternative lifestyles. These experiences aided me in regaining my sexual power and working through my own shame around my sexuality.

I spent time working as a sex education teacher at the Masakhane Center in Newark, NJ, facilitating sex positive, youth driven workshops for grades 7-12. Through this experience I learned how important education was to unlearning sexual shame. It was then that I decided to begin my own journey as a sex educator and pleasure coach. 

I now facilitate workshops, and work with clients, aiding folks on their journey's of moving through new, and uncharted territories of their sexuality. 


By merging my educational background, and personal experience, I have learned how to cultivate power through sexual exploration and have decided to create a space for others to do the same.


Come explore with me.  

   By overcoming sexual shame, I learned how to cultivate power through my sexuality
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