Turning to Books

Dear curious mind,

Are you wondering why you are not satisfied?

Are you living through pleasure? Are you living as pleasure as your main motivator?


Are you living from fear? Fear of failure, of loss, of rejection, or of shame?

I don't blame you. I blame the institutions that didn't show you the tools of using pleasure. asa power source for your being. 

Books serve as one of the greatest forms of nurture, because they allow us to see work of our predecessors, and allow us the opportunity to devote our minds to expanding each time we read. 

They allow us the continued opportunity to learn outside of the structured institutions that we were told were designated for learning. 


This book club won't be like any book club that you've joined. This will be focused on books that are specifically geared toward elevating yourself sexually, and energetically. Expanding what it is that you understand about sex and sexuality, and also how that ties into your devotion of being grounded in your own authenticity. 

3 books 

3 months 

6 live calls 

Weekly accountability emails

Reflective prompts

Reading list 

The program will be offered in 3 tiers to allow accessibility for folks to be involved.



Used Books

The book list will be released once you are inside. All of the books on the list are one's that I have read myself, and trust that they will serve you if they have not already. 

I cannot wait to see you inside