• Feeling like sex is obligatory

  • Getting stuck in monotonous sex

  • Experiencing feelings of shame or guilt around engagning in sexual behavior

  • Sex drains you emotionally and mentally

  • Your negative thoughts take over your mind resulting in the inability to reach orgasm

  • Needing toys to reach orgasm

  • Falling into habits of manifesting partners who do not satisfy you

  • Traditional mediation is difficult for you to do

  • Fearing social, emotional and physical consequences of being sexually liberal

Awaken your seductress

Evolution does not just happen through meditation, journaling, and yoga my loves.


Evolution can happen by being brought down to the DEPTHS of our emotions, by pushing the threshold of stimulation and pain, by staring darkness in the face and realizing that you are not afraid of her. THAT is how some of us evolve into the beings that we are, that is how some of elevate. For you, elevation through the self cannot happen in comfort.

I spent years in the deepest pits of my emotional and sexual shame; using substances to numb my mind, and sex to numb my body. I was abusing myself as a sexual being, turned off to my body’s true desires. I stayed here for years, until I discovered my sexual power. It took years of abusing my body to understand it’s true potential, and the power that comes with sexual liberation.

Embarking on this journey alone poses it's own challenges, and you do not have to continue to run full force into this alone. There is community, and safety in this space. There is no more room to hold hatred, and resentment in your heart. Your time is right now babe.

Are you ready to take ownership of your emotions? Are you ready to go to the depths of your consciousness, and your pleasure, and use shame as a tool to move sexual energy?


This course combines self-pleasure techniques, with mindfulness techniques to easefully move into the practice of loving your body and being the source of your own pleasure. This course will ground you, and be a mediative guide to loving yourself again.


You are so powerful.


You are going to shift your perspective, Heal from your past, and find power in your pleasure. It is time to awaken your seductress.

  • You will be able to manifest partners that serve every single part of you, and not have to settle for anything less

  • Increase your knowledge of own body/mind connection and use that to feel more pleasure during sex

  • Increase your threshold for pleasure

  • Learn how to orgasm longer, and more intensely

  • Let go of shame, or resentment towards your past sexual experiences

  • Embody the most authentic version of your sexual self (your seductress ;))

  • Experience true sexual embodiment

  • Understand your innermost desires

  • Develop a stronger relationship with your body.

  • Be able to vocalize what you want during sexual experiences.

What do you desire?


What is included

8 weeks of learning seductress embodiment

6 live coaching calls 

1 guided meditation practices

Ready to say yes?

The application for 'Seductress" is currently closed and will reopen soon.

Journaling practices

designed to get you in alignment with your most authentic sexual self

Assigned readings each week

BONUS: One 1:1 coaching session with me to dive deep into your pleasure